2020 GHSA State Meet Volunteers

2020 GHSA State Meet Volunteers
January 14, 2020 Coaches, We are eagerly anticipating a great 2020 GHSA State Swim and Dive meet at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center February 6-8. Thankfully we don't have to share our spotlight this year with that pesky football game the Falcons never win (much less play in). With your assistance each year we are able to conduct a great event for the athletes, coaches and spectators. Your volunteers provided the backbone that was an extremely well run state meet. We are again asking for your help this year. We would like to ask for your help in securing volunteers for this year's meet. The primary areas we will need help will be in the areas of timing, crowd control, hospitality workers for swimming and diving. With the move to two pools for prelims it is crucial for you to help us in getting enough bodies to cover all the timing spots. You never know when one of those invaluable timers will be the person that provides the backup time that helps get your kid into finals. We will even let the timers pick which pool they want to work when they sign up. If we could ask your help in communicating this with your swimmers' parents and your booster clubs it would be greatly appreciated. It is an excellent opportunity for them to have a front row seat for the action, as well as help us state a well-run event. Volunteers get free admission and a front row seat for the action. Unfortunately, with further restrictions on parking, we cannot offer them free parking as we have in the past. We have all attended well run meets and poorly run meets and know which one we would like our state meet to be. To sign up for the meet your parents can visit ghssca.com and click on the State Meet Volunteers link to reserve their position. There, they can provide some basic contact information, select the job they want, and which session or sessions they can work. Jobs will be available on a first come first served basis. While the pay isn't much to brag about their contribution will be invaluable. All we ask you to do is share this information with your parents so we can go into the meet with all of our positions staffed and guarantee on time start times for each session. Thanks for your help,

Franke Marsden

Meet Director


404-664-3975 (c)

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