County meet and team dinner

County team dinner is this Friday night at 6pm in the cafeteria. Please text your order to Dina at 770-316-5267 by tomorrow night. (This is paid for by the booster club.)

Choices include 1) fettuccine alfredo with or without chicken, 2) penne pasta with marinara or meat sauce, or 3) cheese pizza. All come with bread and salad.

Coach Abrams has a baby on the way! We will have cupcakes to celebrate and would love donations of diapers or wipes to send home with him.

Please note the county meet is Saturday at Boundary Waters Aquatic Center in Douglasville.

The bus leaves the school at 10am. 

Timers meeting is at 11:45am.

Boys and girls swim at noon. It should finish around 3pm. 

Only volunteers and swimmers will be allowed in. There will be a live stream for viewing. 

Go Panthers!!!!

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